Amazon Publishing Income Through Self Publish Ebooks

The entire buzz around the iPad and the Kindle should have Internet marketers jumping for joy. That’s because for years, we’ve been talking about the coming revolution in self-publishing. Ebooks have been a staple for information marketers but the big publishers were not buying the concept until it went “mainstream”. Amazon publishing efforts through its Kindle division is making a difference as well as the growing number of reader’s looing to compete. The iPad has made reading ebooks cool to the public although far more Kindle owners use their machine for that purpose.

There are a few issues to consider when publishing your work through Amazon’s publishing systems; how do you want to be perceived? How many options do you want to give your audience? What price points are going to make you the most money? Many marketing experts look at a single product and break it down into market segments. For example, an information product on fat burning systems for men over 50 sells as an ebook, a hard cover with photos, a paperback and an audiobook.

Amazon’s publishing systems supports all these variations. A self-publisher can make money on all price points because there will be an audience for each variation of the product. Amazon’s model appears to be working as e-book sales are growing fast, but as color e-book readers appear the type of e-books available will change to incorporate more expensive illustrated non-fiction titles.

Amazon is great for self-publishers because their purchase price for paper books are close to their eBook prices. More importantly, they pay well for both sales. An eBook and its paper counterpart might return $4-5 to the publisher when sold for $10-12 each. Since a self-publisher can use Amazon’s publishing system to get the project completed and distributed all in one place, it becomes a very attractive offer. They just have to make certain that the promotional efforts are in gear.

Keep in mind that Amazon is the world’s largest seller of books and ebooks as well. If you are an information publisher who is used to producing niche market products, you can use the same strategy when approaching Amazon’s product line. The enormous traffic that comes from even the narrowest niche subject could be far more profitable than you can imagine.

Let’s say that you ran some tests on keywords for buffalo burgers and found that there is a market for buffalo cuisine. You then researched the listing on Amazon’s category and found that the list of titles was perhaps three books vaguely relating to a niche that was trending up in the spring in time for barbecue season and holding steady until winter. You’ve found an underserved market!

You can produce the book in the winter and have it ready for spring debut along with a website and video demonstrations. The book will be available in Kindle format as well as printed softcover. Let Amazon publishing do the heavy lifting while you do the marketing to reach your target market.

How Hard Is It To Start An EBook Publishing Business?

People regularly ask me whether or not it is hard to start an e-book publishing business. The simple fact of the matter is that starting any business presents its own set of unique challenges. However, after careful analysis, you will likely come to the conclusion that starting an e-book business is significantly easier than starting virtually any other kind of online business.

The reason why is because you have very little in the way of overhead costs. When you add everything up, you quickly come to the realization that starting an e-book business is significantly easier than starting virtually any other kind of Internet related venture.

The most important pieces of equipment that you will need are things like computers and printers. The good news is you probably already have this. You may wonder why you would need a printer. After all, publishing e-books does not involve printing anything out.

However, you will eventually need to print out financial reports to help you run your business more efficiently. But primarily, you will need to have a computer and the access to the Internet that you will need to you can interact with customers as well as perform basic duties to maintain your e-book publishing business.

You really owe it to yourself to invest in a step-by-step guidebook that can help show you exactly what you need to do. The reason why this is so important is because it will help you avoid needless trial and error. Instead of having to reinvent the wheel, you can simply follow a system that has been proven to work.